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Carol’s Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) workshops in yoga history, culture, and ethics empower students to think deeply, creatively, and independently. Rather than providing cut-and-dried “right answers,” she encourages students to engage with “big questions” as part of an ongoing process of personal learning, exploration, and growth. Popular topics include:

1. The Making of Modern Yoga. Historical continuities and discontinuities between pre-modern and modern yoga; key factors influencing the development of contemporary yoga; important controversies in North American yoga culture.

2. Yoga, Ethics, and You. Developing ethical guidelines for yoga teachers as individuals and professionals; negotiating the complexities of the teacher-student relationship; integrating asana practice with social engagement and personal growth.

3.  Karma Yoga: Service to Self & Others. Evolution of Karma yoga in the modern era; teaching trauma-informed yoga; developing a high quality, sustainable yoga service program.

“Carol’s talk was truly a highlight of our yoga teacher training program and resulted in some very lively and heartfelt discussion, both during and after her presentation. Like her writing and research, Carol lectures with precision, clarity, organization, and mind-blowing insight.” – Marylee Bussard, Founder & Director, Chaturanga Holistic Fitness, Chicago

“Through her writing and teaching, Carol is emerging as a beacon of light to those who want to honor the tradition of yoga without being blinded by it, illuminating how we can move forward with the sort of deep sensitivity and intelligence that yoga inspires.” – Quinn Kearney, Co-Owner & Director, yogaview, Chicago

“Bringing Carol into our 200-hour teacher training program added a wonderful perspective on the broader yoga world and its current trends. The module was an intellectual springboard for our trainees and they raved about the experience! I highly recommend working with Carol – she offers the perfect blend of historical context, industry-specific knowledge, and dynamic facilitation.” – Kerry Maiorca, Founder & Director, Bloom Yoga Studio, Chicago 




External Reader for Ph.D. in Mythological Studies by Alanna Kaivalya, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Carpinteria, CA. (Fall-Winter 2015).

Program Development Consultant, Ferrer Foundation, Chicago (Fall 2014). Developed and wrote proposal for 12-week, school-based curriculum for at-risk urban youth yoga that integrates mindful yoga, group therapy, and cultural enrichment, as well as complementary adult outreach and education modules.

Editorial Consultant, The WAWADIA Project by Matthew Remski, Toronto, Canada (Fall 2014). Advising development of book proposal, crowdfunding campaign, and manuscript for the WAWADIA (What Are We Actually Doing in Asana) Project, an innovative, research-based analysis of contemporary yoga (asana) practice, focusing on key factors promoting injury versus healing.

Program Development Consultant, Yoga for Recovery, Chicago (April-Sept. 2014). Independently designed, led, and secured funding for research-based project analyzing how best to strengthen Yoga for Recovery, a nonprofit offering yoga classes to women in Cook County Jail.

Program Development Consultant, Chaturanga Holistic Fitness, Chicago (Summer 2013). Developed satellite network of community yoga classes located in nonprofit organizations in Washington Park, one of Chicago’s most devastated low-income neighborhoods.

Writing & Marketing Consultant, Groupon, Chicago (Spring 2013). Briefed writing teams on contemporary North American yoga methods, culture, and market segments.

Independent Research Consultant (1997-2012). Produced program planning and evaluation reports for foundations, nonprofits, and public agencies, specializing in issues affecting low-income children and families. Authored or co-authored numerous professional publications for nationally known organizations including the Casey Foundation, Ford Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, Erikson Institute, Center for the Study of Social Policy, Chapin Hall Center for Children, Ms. Foundation for Women, Chicago Public Schools, and Chicago Department of Children and Youth Services. (Senior Research Associate, Kingslow Associates, Washington, DC, 1997-2000; independent consultant, 2000-2012.)

Research Scientist, Erikson Institute, Chicago (2000-2007). Served as researcher, director, and/or administrator for research projects awarded through foundation grants and government contracts. Developed research protocols, wrote grant proposals, managed budgets, facilitated meetings, presented research findings, produced professional reports. Directed Chicago Program Evaluation Project (C-PEP), the first comprehensive evaluation of preschool programs operated by the Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Department of Children and Youth Services (2005-2007). Conceptualized and produced successful $1.5 million grant proposal to establish the Herr Research Center for Children and Social Policy (2004).


Yoga (Asana) Instruction


Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

YogaCare (subbing classes for patients at community health clinic), Chicago (2014- 2017)

Yoga for Recovery (classes for women in Cook County Jail), Chicago (2011-2015)

University of Chicago Hospitals, Community Fitness Passport Program (subbing classes for clients of South Side Diabetes project), Chicago (Oct. 2014)

Rice Child and Family Center (classes for middle school boys & teen girls in residential foster care facility), Evanston, IL  (2011-12)

Sarah’s Circle (classes for homeless women), Chicago (2009-10)yoga photo ST back croppsed


Hatha, Vinyasa, & Forrest Yoga

Chaturanga Holistic Fitness, Chicago (2010-2017)

Turbodog Yoga, Chicago (2009-10)

Three Pillars Health & Fitness, Chicago (2008-10)