“Carol Horton has written the definitive book on the ‘paradoxical multidimensional’ practice that is contemporary yoga . . .

With one foot in Eastern mysticism and the other in a Lululemon store, Horton’s covered it all . . . But it is her personal story of transformation from skeptical academic to devout yogini, that brings this sociological history to life.” – Danielle Prohom Olson, Body Divine Yoga

“Carol Horton’s Yoga Ph.D. is one of those books that I’d love to see every student in every Yoga Teacher Training read and take its message to heart. I believe it’s that important a contribution to what may perhaps be the most important question facing the very growth and existence of Yoga.” – Poep Sa Frank Jude Boccio, author of Mindfulness Yoga: The Awakened Union of Breath, Body, and Mind

“‘Yoga Ph.D.’ by Carol Horton, or ‘The Best Yoga Book I Have Ever Read.’ I know that is a pretty darn grandiose statement, but I mean it . . . More than the rich topics of discussion, it’s Carol’s style of open, honest writing combined with critical thinking that I absolutely fell in love with.” – Eco Yogini: An Ecoholics Guide to Living Yoga


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